Multiple documents will be presented and consulted during the inspection process which include the applicable standard of practice, Lujack Inspections service agreement, sellers declaration, certificate of execution and finally Lujack Inspections inspection report.

AIBQ – Standard of Practice

This Standard represents the minimum requirements for the performance of an inspection of any chiefly residential building by a member of the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors.

The purpose of the Standard is to provide guidelines for building inspectors with regard to the inspection itself as well as to the preparation of the inspection report, and to define certain terms related to building inspections in order to ensure a more consistent interpretation.

BNQ – Standard of Practice

The Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) was commissioned by the RBQ to set up a standards development committee to undertake the process of elaborating a consensus-based standard, by consulting with and bringing together the various Quebec’ stakeholders in the field, to enable inspection practices to be established and standardized for real estate transactions concerning residential buildings or private residential units in residential buildings.

This standard will be enforced as of October 2024.

Lujack – Sample Report

The following document is an example of a typical inspection report that will be provided 24 to 48 hours following the inspection.

Other Documentation